Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time for Bread

After a few pizza parties, I was ready to bake some bread.
It was a rainy day, so we put up a tent. I baked pane de como, my favorite recipe from the book "Baking with the St. Paul Bread Club."
The thermocouples (oven dome and floor, or sole) read about 500 F.
The bread was perfect. It had great oven spring - I wished I'd slashed it even more.
I then put a cast iron pan into the oven with tomatoes and basil, olive oil, salt and pepper. We had wine, bread, tomatoes and herbs shared with 2 good friends - Italy in St. Paul! (in my imagination, since I've never been to Italy!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

More pizza!

Here are some more pizza party pictures. We had a second party but we were too busy cooking the pizza to take pictures. Here are some of our dear neighbors, helping us enjoy our new oven!