Saturday, February 14, 2009

Winter Baking

We have been doing some winter baking, but no blogging! Today the weather is sunny, if cold -  18 degrees F now at 11:30. Larry has the fire going really well, with a good bed of coals. We're firing with oak today from a load of 2 cords that we bought before Christmas. Most of our other wood this year we have got for "free" - meaning we just have to work like heck for it. Even this purchased load comes with a lot of work - the chunks are so long and so big around. Larry splits nearly all of it - I can't make a dent in these big chunks! 

Today's breads are: baguettes, olive rosemary focaccia and whole wheat boules. It's my most ambitious baking day yet, but the young'un is out of town for the day, we got an early start and nothing else to do but please ourselves and take care of the cat. Ahhhh! 

Above picutres are: the hearth in winter; a sponge that I started for the baguettes; the rosemary olive focaccia dough before its first rise.

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  1. Great looking oven! We share a community brick oven on Lake Superior...always looking for new ideas...and for help with bread!! (: